Tulum and Holbox – The introduction

Tulum Beach

I have just arrived home from an incredible two week holiday.  An actual holiday where for the first week I didn’t even look at my phone, not even to take photos or check the time, I just totally lost myself in the moment of being in the most vibrant and colourful place.  It was a long time coming, two weeks off with my main squeeze in paradise.

Holbox sunsets

Mexico is massively diverse and vast, some cities are fighting for peace and basic human rights and in contrast there are places like Tulum, where it’s hard to believe that there are people suffering. That is why after visiting pristine Tulum and hip Holbox we can’t wait to go back to Mexico in the future and visit parts that aren’t so perfectly instagramable. The only, only negative, that I could say, would be that being in such a trendy, beautiful, affluent and desirable area of Mexico didn’t paint the full picture of what the country is about.  Tulum is a very international place, it’s like it’s own microcosm, where people travel from all over to practice yoga, experience cermonies, connect with nature, connect with a tribe, I LOVED IT!  But, was it authentically Mexican?  Has it’s popularity and cool yoga vibes made it become totally unaffordable to the people who are from there and what do they think about it? This I don’t know honestly, I am sure the amount of work that all these incredible places bring to the area is great but behind every perfectly beautiful beach, bar, hotel, yoga shala, restaurant, I wondered has Europe and the US just bulldozed in here and taken over, is Mexico getting what it deserves from it’s own rich beauty?

Nicte Ha Cenote Tulum

I have been wanting to visit Mexico for two years since I did a training in Mandala and Shamanism where I met my Mexican teachers Maria and Carlos.  With them I began to learn about Mayan culture, medicinal plants, the power of Cacao, Temescal and the deep trust and respect in nature Mayans have.  This I took with me into my own life, honouring the elements and allowing nature to be my greatest teacher.

My teacher Maria 

I am going to be writing up a lengthy recommendations list for you guys so don’t worry!  It is all coming.  Tulum especially was excellent for vegans, there was place after place offering delicious, colourful, raw healthy food.  Food that you almost felt high from, food that just by eating it, made you feel healthier and happier.  The beaches were incredible, the yoga is on tap, hammocks are the norm and there are such cool hidden gems I can’t wait to share with you in both Tulum and Holbox.

Kin Toh sunset over the jungle Tulum

Make sure you don’t miss my next blog post where I will be telling you all my favourite spots from my holiday!


Steffy x