Tulum Beach

I have just arrived home from an incredible two week holiday.  An actual holiday where for the first week I didn’t even look at my phone, not even to take photos or check the time, I just totally lost myself in the moment of being in the most vibrant and colourful place.  It was a long time coming, two weeks off with my main squeeze in paradise.

Holbox sunsets

Mexico is massively diverse and vast, some cities are fighting for peace and basic human rights and in contrast there are places like Tulum, where it’s hard to believe that there are people suffering. That is why after visiting pristine Tulum and hip Holbox we can’t wait to go back to Mexico in the future and visit parts that aren’t so perfectly instagramable. The only, only negative, that I could say, would be that being in such a trendy, beautiful, affluent and desirable area of Mexico didn’t paint the full picture of what the country is about.  Tulum is a very international place, it’s like it’s own microcosm, where people travel from all over to practice yoga, experience cermonies, connect with nature, connect with a tribe, I LOVED IT!  But, was it authentically Mexican?  Has it’s popularity and cool yoga vibes made it become totally unaffordable to the people who are from there and what do they think about it? This I don’t know honestly, I am sure the amount of work that all these incredible places bring to the area is great but behind every perfectly beautiful beach, bar, hotel, yoga shala, restaurant, I wondered has Europe and the US just bulldozed in here and taken over, is Mexico getting what it deserves from it’s own rich beauty?

Nicte Ha Cenote Tulum

I have been wanting to visit Mexico for two years since I did a training in Mandala and Shamanism where I met my Mexican teachers Maria and Carlos.  With them I began to learn about Mayan culture, medicinal plants, the power of Cacao, Temescal and the deep trust and respect in nature Mayans have.  This I took with me into my own life, honouring the elements and allowing nature to be my greatest teacher.

My teacher Maria 

I am going to be writing up a lengthy recommendations list for you guys so don’t worry!  It is all coming.  Tulum especially was excellent for vegans, there was place after place offering delicious, colourful, raw healthy food.  Food that you almost felt high from, food that just by eating it, made you feel healthier and happier.  The beaches were incredible, the yoga is on tap, hammocks are the norm and there are such cool hidden gems I can’t wait to share with you in both Tulum and Holbox.

Kin Toh sunset over the jungle Tulum

Make sure you don’t miss my next blog post where I will be telling you all my favourite spots from my holiday!


Steffy x


14th-19th of August 2018

With Steffy White / White Light Yoga Retreats

Set in the midst of summer, with natural abundance, bohemian decor and tropical flair, the word VIBRANT came to mind when curating this little piece of magic. Our incredible finca located up in the hills was the inspiration for this very special, and uniquely beautiful retreat. VIBRANTLY ALIVE!

It’s not only our skin that can feel dull or our digestion sluggish but sometimes, things just feel a little uninspired. This retreat is to get you feeling excited about life again, about all the possibilities, about yoga, about your journey and the vibrance that life has on offer. If only we are open and ready to see it. Sometimes a change of scene, healthy food, juicy invigorating yoga and a community is all we need to move from dull to vibrant again.

To find out more, head to our MALLORCA retreat tab by clicking HERE!

 I hope you can make it!

Love, Steffy x

Meditations in Portugal

A very happy Hello from Gili Meno island in Indonesia! It has been a whirl wind month and a half of retreats. We started with my White Light Yoga “Equinox” retreat at the end of September in beautiful Somerset. Wild bonfires, gong baths, lots of yoga and new moon goddess circles. It was epic! From Somerset I then travelled to Olhao in Portugal for a week in the sun on my “Most Authentic You” retreat, see pic above! We ate delicious plant based food, cooked up by my resident WLY retreat chef (The bondi kitchen) We lived in one of the most incredible houses I have ever stayed in (check out my youtube video from the retreat HERE just to see for yourself, it was insane!)

Our rooftop practices

There was lots of elemental yoga up on the roof, overlooking magical sunsets and sunrises. Pranayama, workshops and really good company. The thing I love most about my yoga retreats, is, well everything.  It has to be a balanced mix of all the right things to really make an unforgettable experience. The sharing, the community, the incredible WOW factor venues, connection to nature, transformational yoga and breathing, support and guidance, playful practices and good good goooooood food. It has to all work and I am very pleased to say, it always does.

The streets of Olhao

Olhao was special because I loved how REAL it was, hence why I chose the theme of authenticity to compliment the authentic feel of the local town. I loved teaching up on the roof to see all the locals up on their roofs, enjoying the sunsets, enjoying family time, connection at it’s best. It really taught me a lot and it was nice to feel the huge abundance of simple living and the joy that it brings. Within a ten minute boat ride from the house we were exploring deserted, raw, untouristy islands. Honestly, it was so magical.

Wearing TinyOm around my wrist

In Olhao I was blessed to have a beautiful group of women and men with me, the practices were strong and the days were relaxed. In the evenings I would teach yin yoga with chakra philosophy underneath the stars. The yogis would get all wrapped up with blankets and eye masks and it was really, truly unforgettable. I love teaching chakra philosophy and together with yin it can be a really really deep practice and opportunity to investigate all corners of yourself.

Because there was a lot of emphasis on the chakras and the subtle body, explaining the archetypes of each chakra and how to find balance in them, I was so delighted when TinyOm and JewelStreet wanted to work with me. TinyOm create beautiful spiritual jewellery that symbolise balance and connection to the subtle aspects of the self.


I gifted all my yogis an individual chakra bracelet or necklace to remember their time on the retreat and their personal journey. A beautiful reminder to all the work they had done and a reminder of inner guidance to wear when we feel lost.

One of the yogis wearing her TinyOm around her neck

I love symbolic jewellery and wearing items that have meaning. TinyOm create just that, I was gifted a beautiful Swadihstana (the sacral chakra) bracelet. Swadisthana represents the element water and shines the colour orange.

Orange svadhisthana bracelet by TinyOm

Svadhisthana chakra is all about creativity and finding a state of flow. It is our chakra that represents pleasure in our lives and how we allow ourselves pleasure, cake, yoga, sex, fun, holidays etc. Are we scared of letting go and allowing pleasure into our lives or are we someone who consumes so much pleasure we feed on it. This is the chakra linked to addiction and our sexual relationships. Too much, too little or just right. Each chakra represents a different element, archetype and part of you. Meditating on the chakras helps me to feel more balanced and aligned and gives me a good signal of where I am in my life and what I am working on. Massive huge love and thanks to TinyOm and JewelStreet for being so kind and delivering such special gifts for us all to remember our time together.

Get your TinyOm at JewelStreet

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September 9th

 10am @ London Fields

Find me with a bunch of balloons on the grass near the Lido

This class isn’t about me at all. When my friend Stef lost her brother Rene to suicide at the start of the year, I didn’t know how to help but all I knew is that I wanted to so much. If there is one really positive thing about social media, it is that we have the ability to reach so many people. So with the following that I have grown on social over the past few years, I want to raise awareness, and I mean really raise awareness and money for the causes that matter to me. And this matters to me so much. To see Stef and her family have to go through the pain and suffering of losing their brother and son, is unbearable, I want to do everything to help incredible charities like CALM lower the number of suicides in this country and support families affected. This shouldn’t have to happen. Please join me on the 9th of September at 10am in London fields for a juicy, liberating and invigorating yoga class. Beginners, teachers, young, old, let’s get together and celebrate this opportunity of togetherness, of moving and breathing and doing it all for a cause that really could save lives! Please donate what you can and join me for a brilliant yoga class under blue skies (we hope) Bring your mat, we are going to have lots of fun! I will be just to the side of the lido, with a bunch of balloons…sign up and donate what you can HERE! – (You must donate to attend the class)

A letter from Stef…

When I think of my brother Rene there is a special memory that comes to my mind. He was 15 and I was 23 and we were outside lying on the grass sharing headphones and listening to the “Distant Relatives” album. He told me I’d love a particular song, and he was right. We lay there in the sun singing along together for hours and I felt his presence as naturally and closely as an extension of my own limbs

I go to my parents’ house now and I look at that overgrown, forlorn patch of garden where we lay and my heart is split into a thousand pieces as I question how so much love couldn’t save his life.
In January my brother took his own life at only 22 after depression quickly spiralled out of control and isolated him from human connection and the things which brought him joy.

There are things and events which can drive people to desperation, but depression makes problems feel insurmountable and pushes people away from you. I believe it wasn’t sadness which killed my brother, it was crippling shame. The irony is that I couldn’t have been more proud of him. Not for the achievements he had (though there were too many to count) but because of the human being that he intrinsically was – loving, kind, courageous; always insightful and fair. The guilt I feel is immeasurable. I question repeatedly why I didn’t try harder, push harder past his blank responses of “I’m fine” or “I’m just tired” , but love cannot read minds and the signs – though they may be there – can often be misunderstood.

My message for those suffering or feeling suicidal is this: You may feel you are in total darkness right now and you cannot endure any more pain. However one of the most beautiful things about life is that it is transitional and the way you feel today may not be the way you feel tomorrow or in a month’s time. Please try one more conversation or one more phone call. It can bring candlelight to your darkness until the light starts to enter again. I know it’s hard to believe that there are people that can help you or you may even feel that your loved ones are better off without you. Depression lies to you. Please try and remember what it feels like when your sister hugs you. Remember your mother’s voice when she tells you she loves you or the sound your friend roars when you make them laugh. Remember the smell of grass and the sound of the sea and the blossoms appearing in Spring. Cherish those thoughts and hold tight onto them, however small they might seem now. Asking for help and support is far stronger than bottling feelings inside and trying to deal with them alone to save face. The shame you feel is because Depression has misled you about so many things. Let people that love you in to dispel those myths. I’m understanding it’s the most painful and insurmountable of times which gives us the opportunity to learn the most and build resilience.

I would give anything to bring Rene back. There is no money or beauty in the world that can restore the value of him being in my life and my world is a darker and emptier place without him. I’m trying to take my own advice and keep going by talking, writing, listening and allowing myself to feel (with the hope of better, lighter days). I cry every day but I carry on because life is short and – really – it is precious. And because I know he’d have wanted me to.

I carry your heart always Rene (I carry it in my heart).

Please donate what you can below, thank you!


I have been very lucky to have incredible teachers along this path, with the biggest shout out to my first teachers Jamie and Dulce (The Yoga People)  One of the things that Yoga has taught me so far is that our world is a mirror to what we are putting out there.  Shining light on the parts we like to keep in the dark.  It is often so hard, unbelievably hard to go there and wake up to the realities of how we are living, it is much easier to stay in denial and keep choosing the same old choices.  It is highly likely that by doing that we will get through life just fine, but what will we have learnt this time round?  VERY LITTLE.  And how much will we have grown?  VERY LITTLE.  And this is what makes me so sad.  I don’t want to continue making the same crappy numb choices. I want to LIVE, presently, with passion, compassion and purpose.  When we wake up in a bad mood, treat our lover like crap, moan and groan about the day ahead, that then spirals into one of those “shitty days” where everything goes wrong!!!  Is it any wonder!?!  Have you ever noticed that when you are in a bad mood and a bit bitchy, that the whole world feels like it has turned round and been a bit bitchy to you??  Have you noticed that when you bump into someone on the tube or scowl, everyone bumps into you, you drop your phone, smash your screen and get the wrong order?  Yes!  Because you are what you give out.  Have you noticed that when you smile, everyone smiles back at you?  So what really inspired me to write this little post, is, just please, I want you to ask yourself why you are saying what you are saying and choosing what you are choosing.  Do you want to continue to go round in a circle of a bad karma shit storm?  Or do you want to beam light and feel light beam back at you?  Of course everyone has bad days, moody days, knackered days, we are not all Mother Theresa I understand.  But you can make small choices everyday to help you turn things round and stop being the victim of your life.   Life does not happen to you, you create your life.  You really do get what you give, so, put amazing things out there, be kind, and when you are not kind, ask yourself WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM?    Allowing those dark parts to be accepted, loved and integrated so they don’t come out and bite ours and the person beside us’s butts all time!  Love to you, be kind and have courage.  Steffy xxx