The Teachers retreat – IBIZA 2018

2nd – 8th of June 2018

“You can learn many things from books but you will only get a true understanding of yourself through practice.  If you ever go on to teach, then always practice first.  Don’t lose your practice just to teach” Hamish Hendry 


As a teacher I know how hard it can be to strike the balance between your own practice and teaching others.   I think it is a shame that on the market there seems to be so many retreats that only go so deep, with a commercial need to be accessible for everyone.  I really feel that WE as teachers need retreats too, of course we do, no not a teacher training, a RETREAT!  A teacher training has some kind of end goal, a retreat is just a space for you to make space for yourself again.  A magnificently, refreshing, inspiring, uplifting, fire igniting retreat.  I hope that by the end of the retreat you are so full with love for yourself you feel excited to share it again!

Welcome to “The teachers retreat – Ibiza 2018” – This retreat is for you if you are wanting to dive into the inner work, boost your confidence and feel refreshed and inspired to teach! We will be talking through ancient scriptures and yoga philosophy, practicing challenging and fun sequencing.  With segments around  yoga business and making a living, all while having the time to totally retreat and chill out too.  Teacher trainings are amazing but sometimes they are so full on, we leave feeling like we need a holiday to get over it.  I want this to be perfect balance of going deep, learning a lot but also having plenty of time to sunbathe, have fun, chill and explore!   And that is why I am passionate about bringing this retreat to life!  

I am so excited to be inviting you guys to my favourite Island in the whole world.  Ibiza has been a home away from home for me for many years, the island has pure magic to offer.  I will be able to recommend places to visit and things to do for those of you who want to explore, we are on the sunset side of the island, and one of my favourite beaches to watch is just a 15 minute drive. Our incredible finca is located in the hills, the perfect retreat venue.  I can help you team up with other yogis if you wish to rent and share a car.

 Requirements to join the retreat

You have completed at least 200 hours of yoga training


You are seriously considering beginning one and have been practising regularly for a while. You want to deepen your practise.

Yoga teachers with lots of experience are of course welcome, this retreat is for anyone who is longing for some self discovery, time for themselves, rituals, lots of yoga – both yin and yang, good company and a feeling of community to share your journey with.  Remember this is a RETREAT, not a teacher training, no competition welcome, just support support support.

Full days on the retreat will run roughly like so:

7 – 7.30am Meditation

7.30-9.30am Morning Yoga practice (Dynamic yoga class, including mandala style sequencing, vinyasa and pranayama) apart from one morning where you will be encouraged to rest or self practice/journal

9.30am Breakfast

Free time / explore / massages / chill

4.45pm – 6pm Workshop

6pm – 7.30pm Evening Yoga practice (Yin)

7.30pm Dinner


Breakfast and Dinner are included with a light snack of fruits and juices in the middle of the day.   All food will be local and seasonal, rich in favour and vibrant in colour.  This is a vegetarian retreat, with most of the dishes completely plant based with the option of eggs and yogurts in the morning. 

What’s included?

1 meditation per day

2 hours of dynamic morning yoga per day

1 + 1/2 hours of yin yoga in the evening per day

5 workshops – The business of yoga, Chakra philosophy, Self care, Inversion workshop,  Therapeutic Art workshop

1 gong bath

1 conscious living talk

All breakfasts and dinners

Guidance and support from me

6 nights of accommodation, with beautiful views, a yoga dome and luxurious swimming pool

What is not included?





1. Zen Suite – Large twin room sharing. (2 people) Separate dressing room, private terrace with hot outdoor shower, direct access to swimming pool. En suite bathroom.

£1495 per person SOLD OUT

2. Terra Cottage – Tucked away cute cottage in part of the venue. Twin room sharing (2 people) Ensuite bathroom

£1495 per person 1 SPACE LEFT

3. Yin – Small private room – Queen bed for one person or a couple.  Shares bathroom with Yang SOLD OUT

£1495 if you are coming solo, email me for couple’s price

4. Yang – Small private room – Queen bed for one person or a couple.  Shares bathroom with Yin SOLD OUT

£1495 if you are coming solo, email me for couple’s price

5. Cocoon – Smaller twin room sharing (2 people) shared bathroom

£1295 per person SOLD OUT

6. Nest/ Perch – Duplex room, two twin beds on the bottom floor and two twin beds on the top floor. 4 sharing a 2 floor space, feels like two separate rooms but shares the same entrance.  Access to private roof terrace and ensuite bathroom.

£1295 per person 1 SPACE LEFT

All rooms are slightly different with beautiful Ibizan charm.  It is first come first served so if you are very specific about what you want and don’t want.  Be sure to book fast! Prices vary due to how many you are sharing a room with and the rooms size and if you are sharing a bathroom with another room.  This is a small retreat, with maximum 12 participants.

Don’t be worried about coming on your own, 90 percent of yogis come on retreats on their own, I team you up into sharing rooms, and it always works out perfectly.

To book: email me on