This site has been creating itself in my head for a long time, but with website costs, the confusing world of word press and my perfectionist mentality, the site I have been dreaming about, a way to communicate with you guys daily, has been very severely put on pause, until NOW! After a few mornings of large coffees, enormous amounts of swearing and none stop time outs in the meditation room. I have finally created the beginnings of this community, a home for inspiration, sharing all things yoga and health. Here you will find my philosophy on how to stay happy and healthy in a world that has become so fast paced. From yoga videos and specially designed sequences, to yummy and healthy recipes perfect for pre and post workout, guided meditations, inspiring locations to have a little YOU time, positive affirmations and lots of tips for achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I want this site to be a community to share and encourage. It is such a lovely feeling to know you are not alone and this space can be a reminder of that. When something happens to make you want to change your lifestyle it can feel quite isolating, it can take a while for you and those around you to adjust to the change in your priorities. I have certainly felt lonely at times when my lifestyle drastically changed and I want this to be a really positive hub for anyone who is going through a similar experience.

I haven’t always been so interested in health. In fact it’s only been the last six years that my life has really started to move in that direction. I spent my late teens and early twenties working as an actress mostly in TV, securing some pretty awesome regular roles and working with some incredible talent, but for me it was always so up and down, and fuelled with drama. Increasingly I felt like I wasn’t ever able to live in the present, I wasn’t ever sure where my next role was coming from our how long I would be an “out of work actor” working in a bar. I would find myself feeling desperate. The uncertainty and instability of it always left me unfulfilled and never truly happy. I started to find myself going to yoga, first once a week and then there was a time where I was there every single day. I didn’t know why, and I was AWFUL at it, I couldn’t touch my toes, my back was always in pain, I was so stiff but I kept going back, I just knew that it was making me feel really good. I loved the philosophy that my teachers would teach and the little nuggets of wisdom and inspiration they would give. The thing that I had always dreamed of doing was no longer making me happy and without it I didn’t know who I was and this was when I made it my priority to get to know ME and make MYSELF truly happy.

I decided to take the leap and begin my yoga teacher training in India with my teachers The Yoga People. It really was the most life changing experience. I was up at 6am every morning for a 3 hour challenging and physically demanding Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket practice ending with meditation. We weren’t allowed to talk in the mornings until after our practice and we were under strict rules when it came to our diet too (no sugar, no meat, no alcohol, no caffeine) It was a shock to the system. I was definitely the least prepared physically in the class and I vividly remember at the end of week two thinking I am going to have to give up and go home, crying none stop because it was so hard! I didn’t feel strong enough to continue, my feet were covered in blisters and the more I rolled over my toes the worse they got. But at the start of week three we had an unforgettable fire meditation on the full moon and all I can say is that from that day, I knew I had the strength to go on and complete my training. I felt like nothing was impossible and my physical and mental strength completely changed.

I am now a 500 hour advanced yoga teacher, teaching Rocket Yoga, Mandala flow, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Meditation and Chakra philosophy. I am based in London and I am the very proud founder of White Light Yoga – WLYLondon, my new company that facilitates unforgettable retreats for your mind, body and soul. White Light Yoga has a focus on community and uplifting one another, with workshops, retreats and gatherings around the world, this beam of White Light is on a mission to share beautiful moments to uplift your life and help you connect to your authentic self.

I am proud to front Useful Yoga, a series of yoga tutorials on Youtube with over 115,000 subscribers, and I am over the moon to say I am now a Lululemon ambassador!