“You supported me so kindly, so deeply authentically from your heart. Thank you. Many aha moments and that delicious melting into trust of you holding the space for me, which I find challenging to do!

You are amazing. My heart and mind are happier.”

The best mindfulness and meditation retreats list as voted by Culture Trip.

“Founded by London-based yoga instructor, Steffy White, White Light Yoga offers a number of events throughout the year, from day retreats in the center of the city to something a little more spiritual Ibiza. September’s listing is based in beautiful Somerset and it places focus on gratitude, offering a chance to embrace the turn of the season and reset your mind to focus on everything that you have achieved so far this year. Yoga sessions will take place in the location’s purpose-built yurt and the itinerary includes a gratitude circle around the Full Moon bonfire, long walks in the picturesque countryside, the opportunity for massage, dynamic and yin yoga classes and of course, meditation. The perfect opportunity to reflect, reset and cleanse the mind, White Light Yoga Retreats cannot come more highly recommended. Steffy is an inspiration and her passion is infectious; expect focused practice that’s always laced with an element of fun”

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A review on my White Light Yoga IBIZA retreat 2017

“The classes were amazing, inspiring and pushed you (in a kind way) to try the things the mind will often tell you you can’t do – but when in the breath and an open space – the body might just take you. We played with inversions, closed with Yin and enjoyed a long, sweaty savasana before an amazing breakfast buffet feast of plant based goodness was served. In the evening we luxuriated into long-hold Yin practices, working with the same chakra. It was intense, soothing and hazy – quieting the mind and surrounding to a deep restorative pose for minutes at a time is the perfect balance to the morning’s yang – leaving you feeling pretty stoned”

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                               “I’ve met lots of great teachers over the last year or so and have been so inspired by them all, but one of the most inspiring teachers is Steffy – she’s amazing. I instantly developed a serious yoga crush on her! Her classes are so fun, playful and full of energy. She’s inspired my practice so much and she’s just an awesome person”


Feedback from yogis who have been to a retreat or have practiced yoga with me…


“I just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant day yesterday.
I came away feeling braver (not just in the yoga way), totally inspired and energised” 


“A few days back at home have given me a chance to reflect on my time away and what I’ve learned from you. The yoga was dynamic and strong. The mental journey was unexpected, thought provoking and empowering. It was nice to meet lots of other people in a similar mind set but on completely different journeys. I appreciated every mouthful of food that someone else had prepared for me. Ibiza was fab and I’m definitely returning. The week away was absolute bliss and I loved every minute of it!”


“Thank you so much for being such a warm, enthusiastic, patient and inspirational teacher. You had faith in everyone to achieve what you were asking of us and as the saying goes…you can teach an old dog new tricks!!! The inversions were completely new for me but with a bit of practice and mind over matter, I know I’ll be able to crack them one day” 


“I’d just like to say a quick THANK YOU! My daughter was diagnosed with autism 2 years ago. Since then we’ve been doing yoga together. It helped me cope with her diagnosis and helps her stay centered. It’s one of my favorite momma-daughter activities. Back when she only had 10-20 words one of them was “oga ” she’d grab the mats and point to the tv. Now when she sees you she yells “Hi Steffy!” I just wanted you to know that you’ve helped our family stayed centered and balanced, I’m grateful!


“I just wanted to send you an email as I have attended your classes, secret sundays and urban retreats over the past couple of years with so much joy, and they have strengthened my love of yoga and peace within my mind. Especially your yin classes helped me find balance and quiet in quite a difficult time in my life”


“I had been looking forward to the weekend for so long and despite being CONVINCED it was exactly what I needed, I never ever would have expected it to have quite the impact it did, and I can’t thank you enough as YOU are the reason it was so special. Your yoga makes my week every week and has taught me so much, strengthened me mind and body, and (steadily) helped me believe in and accept the real me, something I’m really working on now!


“Wow!!! It really was simply amazing!!!! …and can’t even put it into words really!!! I haven’t stopped smiling from ear to ear or talking about it since we left on Sunday.”