Portugal Yoga Retreat May 2018

Free to breathe: May 23rd – 28th 2018 

Olhao, Portugal

“You supported me so kindly, so deeply authentically from your heart. Thank you. Many aha moments and that delicious melting into trust of you holding the space for me, which I find challenging to do!

You are amazing. My heart and mind are happier.”



We are very excited to be returning to beautiful Olhao to our very special home, Casa Fuzetta.  Join me and my White Light Yoga retreat team of healers and helpers in beautiful Portugal for a retreat that is sure to uplift and inspire you.  Welcome to the “FREE TO BREATHE” retreat, the retreat that will connect you back to a place where there is always space and time, it is a choice, we choose to give ourselves breathing space.


I am so passionate about facilitating retreats for you, my aim is to create a space for you to connect with yourself, the people around you and the natural world.  Think sunrise and sunset sessions.  Yoga practices honouring the elements.  Space for you to breathe, space for you to actually sit with what you are feeling, space for you to process and journal, space for you to laugh, to play, to not be at the mercy of your phone, to remember what it feels like to be free.  This retreat has been inspired by a never ending list of emails from people saying “I don’t have enough time”  “I want to meditate but I am too busy”  “I have no free time”  This retreat is going to help you to incorporate daily rituals and yoga practices into your every day, helping to free up time and show you there is plenty of opportunity in every single day to re connect to the present moment, to give up the tension and stress.


It is hard to find a more gorgeous retreat home than Casa Fuzetta and that is why we continue to choose this special home as a retreat space.  Each bedroom is finished to the highest standard with beautiful decor, gorgeous living spaces, amazing energy and cool communal hang out areas.  The roof offers gorgeous sea views, a swimming pool and yoga deck.


We are now in the second year of White Light Yoga retreats and we could not have found a more talented and inspirational chef, Sarah (The Bondi Kitchen) and we are so lucky to have her with us on our retreats.  She is a special part of the family.  Each meal is prepared with love and thought, we believe food is the first step to healing, and all of our menus are vegetarian, often raw and vegan.  The food is colourful, vibrant, nutritious and with indulgent moments, you will always be satisfied.

Sarah has more than 10 years experience as a Personal Chef, with extensive experience working alongside Cast Personal Trainers, Nutritional Advisors and Personal Assistants to create highly bespoke menu plans that achieve the desired results and objectives.  Sarah has worked as the chef on many film sets including Wonder Woman, The Huntsman, Kingsman: Golden Circle and 47 Ronin. Her clients include a number of high-profile actors, models and personalities based in Europe and the US.EXAMPLE SCHEDULE 

23rd May 2018

11am: Arrival to Casa Fuzetta, welcome juice and show around

Free time / Opportunity for massages / Explore / Rest / Sunbathe

5pm: Opening circle

5.30pm – 7pm: First Yoga practice

7.30pm: Dinner

Journal / Massages

24th / 25th / 26th / 27th May 2018

8-10am: Dynamic Yoga

10am Breakfast

Free time/ Massages/ Explore the islands / Sunbathe /

WORKSHOPS: During the week there will be one cooking workshop, one art workshop, and one self practice workshop

6-7.30pm: Yin Yoga

7.30pm: Dinner

Massages / Journal / Relax

28th of Sept

8-9am: Yoga/ Closing

9-10am: Breakfast and goodbyes


If you know me, you will know I like to find the joy and playful quality in each practice.  So the morning classes will have moments of laughter and silliness, allowing ourselves to be imperfect, we learn so much from allowing ourselves to fall.  My teaching style is fluid, expressive, feminine and creative.  The morning practices will be strong, but with a soft edge, we will sweat, be challenged, explore, breathe and most importantly feel good!  The evening classes will be yin and soft.  With a lot of focus on the chakras and the subtle body, this is all about introspection and journeying inwards through a deep and often awakening practice.  I cannot wait to lead you through these practices, seeing the unfolding happening and the huge benefit of a daily yoga practice is an absolute joy and it is such a privilege for me to hold this space for you to unravel and wiggle and release old tensions and explore yourself.  What a blessing!


Our White Light Yoga home will be our very own secret hideaway in the heart of town – hidden from the world, yet a world of its own offering serenity and space, privacy and perfect peace. Olhao is an ancient fishing village. authentic, rugged and full of charm. Filled with colour, warmth and character; and stunning, unspoiled islands just off its coast. An exceptional discovery for the adventurous and intrepid traveller.

Trips to the islands are wonderful and very easy. From our home it is just a 10min walk to the waterfront where you can catch a ferry or river taxi to the islands – trip takes 10ish minutes depending on the island you go to. With Armona, Culatra, Farol and Deserta islands all very close there is so much choice. each with a slightly different vibe.  You may be lucky and get to see the dolphins too!


Luxury private room with large double bed and ensuite bathroom: £1495 for one person

Luxury same sex twin room with two single beds and ensuite bathroom: £1295 per person

(Price includes VAT) The majority of people come on their own and make great friendships, so you have nothing to worry about, there is always the perfect balance of having people to talk to but having solo time too!

2 yoga classes per full day (1 yang, 1 yin)

Outstanding accomodation with luxury outdoor pool and plenty of space to holiday in

Abundant breakfast

Lots of support from me

1 self practice and ritual workshop

1 cooking workshop

1 art workshop

Guided meditations

Luxury indulgently healthy dinner

All teas, coffees and water

1 homemade juice/ light refreshement per full day

We have found that one large breakfast and a large dinner with a small snack at 4pm is more than enough food.  You will never be hungry, and if you ever are, we have an open fridge that is always full with snacks and yummy delights for you to eat.



River taxi or ferry to islands (roughly £5 per person)


Transfer to and from airport (roughly a 15 minute drive and I will put you in contact with other retreat yogis so you can share taxis)

I hope you can make it!

Please email me to book or if you have any questions: steffywhiteyoga@gmail.com

“A few days back at home have given me a chance to reflect on my time away and what I’ve learned from you. The yoga was dynamic and strong. The mental journey was unexpected, thought provoking and empowering. It was nice to meet lots of other people in a similar mind set but on completely different journeys. I appreciated every mouthful of food that someone else had prepared for me. The week away was absolute bliss and I loved every minute of it!”