Do you want to join a White Light Yoga Retreat but not sure what to expect?  Here are some beautiful comments written by beautiful souls who joined me on my WLY retreat just last weekend.  Reading these I am literally beaming from ear to ear. I put my heart and soul into my retreats and sprinkle magic from start to finish. It is my vision, and so much love has been weaved into every moment to really give you guys an experience of a lifetime. I really hope you take the leap and join me on a White Light Yoga retreat soon!


“Morning Steffy !!! 

Just wanted to send you the biggest hugs and the biggest thanks for an absolutely magic weekend ❤

Wow!!! It really was simply amazing!!!! …and can’t even put it into words really!!! I haven’t stopped smiling from ear to ear or talking about it since we left on Sunday.

I learned so much and knew in the first hour when you played Devi Prayer I was going to be in for a very beautiful Journey! God I’m getting choked up now thinking back to it all – It was just magic”


I had been looking forward to the weekend for so long and despite being CONVINCED it was exactly what I needed, I never ever would have expected it to have quite the impact it did, and I can’t thank you enough as YOU are the reason it was so special. Your yoga makes my week every week and has taught me so much, strengthened my mind and body, and (steadily) helped me believe in and accept the real me, something I’m really working on now! However for a retreat to really work, it takes a special something to bring a group of strangers together and bring them to embrace their collective vulnerabilities and open their minds and hearts to both themselves and the others around them. I can’t believe how in such a short space of time that really really happened and it was because of you! You get the perfect balance between being the ‘teacher’ and ‘organiser’ running the show, whilst also making it feel like you’re a friend. You are such an inspiration to so many of us!”

— ——————————————————————————————————————

Hope you’re basking in the glow of the light you gifted to us this weekend darling.

Thank you so much … wonderful you and your hand-picked team facilitated much magic, laughter and upshifting.

You supported me so kindly, so deeply authentically from your heart. Thank you. Many aha moments and that delicious melting into trust of you holding the space for me, which I find challenging to do!

You are amazing. My heart and mind happier and freeer.


Thanks for a really lovely weekend. The people, location, vibe …. delicious food and truly beautiful yoga was just fab ( I would say absolutely fabulous …. but does that make me even more patsy like 😉😊).

Loved it loved it loved it.

Go for it Steph – you were FAB – the sky’s the limit !


I’m sitting on the train back to London and starting to digest the wonderful weekend you organised in Oxfordshire. Despite never having met you previously your warm spirit and vibrant personality came through online and on social media and I’m so glad I went with my heart and booked this retreat.


15232343_1328343250530979_6920113721346125812_nThis picture is so freaky I love it. I am glad I stepped into yoga when I did. It was such a confusing and sad time in my life when I took the leap and entered my first yoga class. But even though I found it so hard and didn’t know what was going on half the time, I always left in peace and with a strong connection to just, being alive. Gradually as I went more and more I felt less lost and more content and grounded. I would have seen pictures like this and never have known the space I would move into if I had never committed to practicing. I was really really unfit 5 years ago. Like, really. I am not saying it for you. It is the truth. I hadn’t done anything other than shop, socialise and work for my adult life, so finding my body again, and taking care of it, and learning from it, IS and has been the most humbling and awe inspiring journey. When I found my body, I could move beyond the body and feel a connection I had never experienced before. I was a little chubby around the waist back then and hellishly inflexible in the mind and body. Over time, it has changed. I hope I can inspire you to make space for yoga and meditation and to move into your body and then beyond. You might just find a real sense of contentment in there where shopping, socialising and working are not your whole life, just a very small aspect of your life. And that is what happened to me. I have purpose now. I always did, I just was so cut off from myself. Now I am a little less flakey and a lot more fluid. Make sense? Not planning this, just felt inspired to keep. On. writing.  Have a great week friends, do more of what you love and what REALLY makes you FEEL GOOD

The Magic of Yin – 24th November 2016

6.30-8pm at Reva Yoga


Yin has become one of my favourite things in life.  I used to go from a fast pace of life to a fast paced yoga class to get my daily zen.  But really, it was just a quickie and didn’t really give me the space I so desperately needed to find.  Now a days, even in my yang practices I am finding a much slower grace about the way I move, feel and enquire and it so much more juicy!!!!

Join me on the 24th of November 6.30 – 8pm at the stunning Reeva Yoga, just a step away from Broadway market for 90 mins of the good stuff.  I am going to take you through a deep and restoring yin session to really air out the cobwebs and leave you feeling light and expansive, letting go of heavy energy and clutter that you no longer need to carry around with you.  I am so excited, lets marinade in the sweet sauce that is yin!

Email me to book!

Life off the mat is pretty rich❤️ Yoga is wonderful, it’s a BIG part of my life and I treasure my practice greatly. I try to live kindly on AND off the mat, in every sense of the word. However, yoga is not my WHOLE life, I love dancing, and drinking sometimes, I eat what I fancy and love watching bake off. My closest friends do not practice yoga or spend every morning in the gym. I live a balanced life. I love deeply and care immensely and THAT is my yoga. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are or what we are not,we miss all the fun of just living! Life is so precious, don’t confine yourself to rules and judgements. Live fully, love fully, and don’t get stuck practicing your handstand all day, everyday, because when you master it, it might be awesome, but it won’t change your life, nor will it make you happy forever. Your connection to yourself, your surroundings, your friends, nature, oneness! That might make you happy forever. And that is a practice I am dedicated to.

I will never get tired of these views here. Today we were treated to thunder and lightening and torential rain. And did we welcome it? With open arms! A snuggly day spent in doors, socks on, sharing stories, deep nourishing resting. I spent my afternoon having an inspirational breath and massage session which was nothing less than mind blowing, not to mention so beautiful and pretty god damn profound. Has anyone else ever experienced a 121 inspirational breath session? Nicola, my therapist and dear friend is nothing short of amazing. Honestly, I felt so cared for and held, and completely in safe hands. It really shifted a lot in me and was an incredibly powerful couple of hours. I was wailing in her arms pretty much, old stories and stuff that was no longer serving me bubbled up to the surface, a deep rooted belief that I am not good enough and that ‘I can’t’ was the biggest battle to let go of with the breath. And you know what, I didn’t even know that I felt that way. There is no hiding with this kind of breath work. The breath is going to bring it up. I would love to hear your experiences with it, I have changed the way I think about breath and am putting so much awareness into breathing with the belly. Us yogis get all up in the heart and chest sometimes, constricting the throat, and forget to breath into that deep belly of life force, this afternoon has been mega!!! I feel like now I have the power to transform and let go whatever I need to, that’s the power of this kind of work, it empowers YOU.14481876_1274912729207365_2030041476887109234_o