Mallorca Retreat – Vibrantly Alive 2018

14th-19th of August 2018

With Steffy White / White Light Yoga Retreats

“Wow!!! It really was simply amazing!!!! …and can’t even put it into words really!!! I haven’t stopped smiling from ear to ear or talking about it since we left on Sunday.”



Set in the midst of summer, with natural abundance, bohemian decor and tropical flair, the word VIBRANT came to mind when curating this little piece of magic.  Our incredible finca located up in the hills was the inspiration for this very special, and uniquely beautiful retreat.  VIBRANTLY ALIVE!

It’s not only our skin that can feel dull or our digestion sluggish but sometimes, things just feel a little uninspired.  This retreat is to get you feeling excited about life again, about all the possibilities, about yoga, about your journey and the vibrance that life has on offer.  If only we are open and ready to see it.  Sometimes a change of scene, healthy food, juicy invigorating yoga and a community is all we need to move from dull to vibrant again.


My retreats are open to everyone, however if you are a beginner, do bear in mind that there is at least 3.5 hours of yoga everyday, and some days there will be workshops on offer too.  As it is not specifically a beginners retreat, I won’t be breaking down the basics so make sure you have been practicing regularly before the retreat so that you can really get the most out of the practices.  It certainly does not mean you need to be a yoga star to join, just that you have a regular practice.  You can start today you know 😉

There will be morning meditation overlooking the vast view of the hills and trees. 2 hours of morning yoga practice which will be a dynamic vinyasa flow style class which will take place in our yoga shala of dreams.  There will be plenty of time to modify the postures if you want to make them easier or more challenging.  My sequencing is creative, fun and sometimes upside down!   With the chance to try some new postures and transitions playfully.  It is definitely an inclusive class, where everyone feels like they get what they need and maybe even get to surprise themselves too!   Remember the retreat is themed VIBRANTLY ALIVE, so we are going to be calling upon the elements for inspiration, tapping into the vibrance of our natural home.

In the evenings we have yin practice and deep relaxation, yin is incredible and really can begin to shift a lot for people.  Think candles, scents and the feeling of warmth to cradle you into a state of complete and utter surrender.

We have several different types of accommodation on offer at this retreat.  Including the beautiful main finca and tipis with outdoor showers and toilets.


(This will probably change slightly but full days on retreat look something like this)

7am Pre Yoga Juice

7.30-9.30am Morning yoga and meditation

10am Breakfast/Brunch

FREE TIME, explore the island, go out for lunch, have a massage, swim, read, REST, do what you please!

4.30-6pm Workshop (on two days)

6-7.30pm Yin Yoga and relaxation

7.30pm Dinner

Arrival on the 14th is from 12pm and Departure on the 19th is 11am


Our delicious, abundant and vibrant food will all be vegan and definitely satisfying!  There will be a pre-yoga juice, long and indulgent brunch and then dinner.  All teas, coffee and water is included.


2 yoga classes per full day (1 yang 2 hours, 1 yin 90 mins)

Outstanding accomodation with luxury outdoor pool and plenty of space to holiday in

Abundant vegan brunch

Lots of support from me

1 self practice and ritual workshop

1 inversion workshop

Guided meditations

Luxury indulgently health 3 course dinners

All teas, coffees and water

1 homemade juice per day

Masseuse on site for you to book in with whenever your heart desires





Lunch (though you will probably be satisfied without)

Transfer to and from airport, I will link you up on a whatsapp group so you can organise taxi shares or even rent a car together so exploring is easy for those who are adventurous.


Indoor luxury

Shared room in the finca  £1445 per person

Outdoor rustic

Twin outdoor TIPI sharing £995 per person SOLD OUT

Prices include VAT

90 percent of yogis come on a retreat alone, and always end up making great friends and having an unforgettable experience.  So, don’t feel like you need to bring a buddy to join, we make a supportive community, that feels like home from home.

Please email me to book or if you have any questions:

“A few days back at home have given me a chance to reflect on my time away and what I’ve learned from you. The yoga was dynamic and strong. The mental journey was unexpected, thought provoking and empowering. It was nice to meet lots of other people in a similar mind set but on completely different journeys. I appreciated every mouthful of food that someone else had prepared for me. The week away was absolute bliss and I loved every minute of it!”

Love, Steffy x