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Tesco reached out to me about their new Wicked Kitchen range, which they have created in partnership with Derek Sarno. They’re leading the way compared to other supermarkets with the new Wicked Kitchen range, trying to make plant-based meals more accessible.

I gave up eating meat when I was about 8/9 years old and have been vegan for over two years now. So I truly can say it makes me so happy to see that going meat free has become so much more mainstream. I remember the days of going to a restaurant and having to eat fries and a side of greens for my meal, honestly rewind 10 years ago and there was nothing inspiring happening in the vegan/veggie world, well it certainly wasn’t mainstream. Rewind five years ago and vegan meant you were crazy. And look at today, it’s amazing to see places like Tesco bringing out Wicked Kitchen a vegan friendly range for when you are on the go.

Wicked kitchen is a colourful range of vegan salads, ready meals, sandwiches and wraps and is easy to pick up and go whatever you’re up to. They’re creative recipes aim to show how delicious plant based meals can be. I tried the Moroccan inspired bowl, the Rainbow Curry bowl and the Kung Fu bowl, which was a tofu and rice noodles salad. The curry one was my fave, as it was tasty and had a whole host of ingredients I like, including lentils, chickpeas and bombay style sweet potatoes, with a mint raita style dressing. If you haven’t had time to make lunch at home, it’s so great to know that there are vegan friendly options out there, that are affordable, tasty, accessible and most importantly right in the mass market. Where everyone can find them.

If you haven’t heard of Derek Sarno before, he has pioneering approach and a plant pushing philosophy. He is now the Director of Plant based innovation at Tesco. A great step in the right direction for the brand and making plant based food options more mainstream.

I am a big believer in cooking fresh at home but in these busy times when we can’t always be prepared, we don’t need to feel like there aren’t vegan friendly meals ready to pick up and go. It makes my heart so happy that veggies are becoming cool and people are starting to realise that there is more to delicious food than meat and fish. Whoooo! Times are changing people!

You can find out more about the range here –




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Arriving into Holbox is like arriving to the most colourful, vibrant, laid back land ever.  Think big bowl like glasses full to the brim with the best Margarita of your life, golf buggys to drive around the island in, colourful shops with dream catchers everywhere and lots of bright murals on the walls. Landing in Holbox was fun, fun, fun!  With barely any cars on the street, and only a small portion of the island inhabited, getting a golf buggy to roam around in is a MUST and it is absolutely hilarious!

We spent our days in Holbox lying in the hammocks that are sprinkled across the island.  Some hammocks are even out in the sea, and honestly, chilling in one of those is the best, most glorious thing!

Another must for getting around Holbox is to hire a bicycle, there are bike rentals dotted all over the island and it is a great way to explore and get off the beaten track.  When we arrived in Holbox there had been a storm so a lot of the roads were flooded.  It doesn’t sound great but honestly it added to the fun of being on a bike and trying to get to the deserted beaches.  It was like being on safari, you weren’t sure how deep your bike was going to go down into the puddles, we were in soggy, wet marsh lands, we had a great time!  Like any tricky journey, what lay at the end of our hard work was so rewarding!  Basically, what was revealed to us were private beaches with crystal clear water, hammocks, no seaweed, no noise pollution, totally untouched beauty!

The options are of course not quite as lengthy as Tulum when it comes to vegan places, however there are still some great spots to eat!  My favourite was Luuma, you can’t book but be warned you may have to wait for a table, I promise it is worth it!  It is gorgeous.  Luuma means Mother Earth in Mayan and the veggie plates there are so beautiful!  The atmosphere is lovely and it is all twinkly with fairy lights.

Holbox has a funky vibe and attracts a really laid back crowd.  So although there are great restaurants and bars, things do close up quite early, most nights we were in bed by 11pm.  It is Island life at it’s best!  If you do want to have a few fun late night drinks, find your way over to Hotcorner, it is always busy and does great cocktails.

One of my favourite things I did whilst in Holbox was going to visit the Animal rescue.  It is amazing the work they are doing there.  Setting up orphaned and unloved animals with loving families who want to adopt them.  When you are in Holbox go by and you can take some dogs out for a walk or even a racoon!


Steffy x

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In Tulum you don’t have to search far to find amazing cafes and restaurants that do incredible raw and vegan food.  One thing I think London is missing is vegan eateries with a really cool vibe!  I always feel that although the food may be good, the atmosphere is Dry AF and the interior is uninspiring.  Tulum is a whole different ball game.  It is beautiful and vibey beyond belief.


 As soon as you walk into Nomade you are completely captivated by it’s magic, it truly is a beautiful and inspiring place.  It is pricey and at times can seem a bit showy, but don’t be put off.  They have a beautiful gratitude tent with really inspirational talks and workshops led by international speakers and healers.  They have a beach side yoga shala and hammocks and swing chairs galore.  If you are heading down to Nomade to sunbathe and enjoy the facilities, it is 50 dollars minimum spend per person and it gets full quickly.  Make sure you book if you are wanting to go for lunch or dinner.  Nomade is somewhere you can eat, drink, sleep, beach, yoga, but it won’t be cheap!


We found this place on our last day and we were so happy to have made the effort to go.  This is a super cute little plant based hang out with hammocks hanging from the trees and lots of yogis who love nothing more than giving each other big hugs.  It is a really cool place with no showiness, it is just natural beauty at it’s best.  The food was some of my favourite of the whole holiday, the vegan white chocolate cheesecake is to die for and all the bowls and salads are so colourful.  We loved it there and wished we found it sooner.

Just beside Raw Love you will find Ahau which has lots of interesting things going on including ecstatic dance, yoga, temazcal and sound healing.  Go and get involved!


We were staying up in the town of Tulum as the beach hotels over New Year were just SILLY expensive.  It was great because we got a real feel for Tulum and got to experience lots of different areas. In the town it is much less fancy but still really really cool and this is where we found Co.Conamor.

Oh my goodness you have to go, it is the sweetest little plant based cafe in what feels like someone’s back garden.  The food is amazing!!!!  I had the thai chickpea burger and it was INSANE!


We went here in the evening and loved it.  It is down on the jungle side of the beach area in Tulum.  Lit up with fairy lights  and hanging lanterns we knocked back a good few cocktails.  It’s a cool place, chilled vibe, delicious grub and cocktails.  The perfect date night.

We had a really balanced holiday whilst in Tulum, some days we just wanted to lap up the beach and sunbathe, swim and read.  For total vitamin sea, I loved hanging out on a bed at Papaya Playa, Nomade and Ahau.  Ahau was probably my favourite as it did not have a entrance fee or a minimum spend.  Yep guys, Tulum can be expensive!

One thing that you HAVE to do is swim in the cenotes!  The water is crystal clear, the snorkelling is mind blowing and you might even get the honour of swimming along side a family of turtles like we did!  We went to four different cenotes, there are lots, but my absolute favourite one was Dos Ojos.  It was otherworldly and magical, we had a great guide so we got to do the full snorkel.  Snorkelling through batcaves, deep dives, unbelievable formations of rock, truly it was UNREAL!

Another cenote I loved was Nicte – Ha, we were the only ones there, it was a a hidden paradise.

If I could, I would click my fingers and be back in Tulum right now, it has so much goodness to offer thrown in with a lot of fun, excellent margaritas, the BEST beach and water, Tulum we absolutely loved you!  I hope this run down of some of my favourite spots is useful and please do share if you have any recommendations of your own!


Steffy x

Tulum Beach

I have just arrived home from an incredible two week holiday.  An actual holiday where for the first week I didn’t even look at my phone, not even to take photos or check the time, I just totally lost myself in the moment of being in the most vibrant and colourful place.  It was a long time coming, two weeks off with my main squeeze in paradise.

Holbox sunsets

Mexico is massively diverse and vast, some cities are fighting for peace and basic human rights and in contrast there are places like Tulum, where it’s hard to believe that there are people suffering. That is why after visiting pristine Tulum and hip Holbox we can’t wait to go back to Mexico in the future and visit parts that aren’t so perfectly instagramable. The only, only negative, that I could say, would be that being in such a trendy, beautiful, affluent and desirable area of Mexico didn’t paint the full picture of what the country is about.  Tulum is a very international place, it’s like it’s own microcosm, where people travel from all over to practice yoga, experience cermonies, connect with nature, connect with a tribe, I LOVED IT!  But, was it authentically Mexican?  Has it’s popularity and cool yoga vibes made it become totally unaffordable to the people who are from there and what do they think about it? This I don’t know honestly, I am sure the amount of work that all these incredible places bring to the area is great but behind every perfectly beautiful beach, bar, hotel, yoga shala, restaurant, I wondered has Europe and the US just bulldozed in here and taken over, is Mexico getting what it deserves from it’s own rich beauty?

Nicte Ha Cenote Tulum

I have been wanting to visit Mexico for two years since I did a training in Mandala and Shamanism where I met my Mexican teachers Maria and Carlos.  With them I began to learn about Mayan culture, medicinal plants, the power of Cacao, Temescal and the deep trust and respect in nature Mayans have.  This I took with me into my own life, honouring the elements and allowing nature to be my greatest teacher.

My teacher Maria 

I am going to be writing up a lengthy recommendations list for you guys so don’t worry!  It is all coming.  Tulum especially was excellent for vegans, there was place after place offering delicious, colourful, raw healthy food.  Food that you almost felt high from, food that just by eating it, made you feel healthier and happier.  The beaches were incredible, the yoga is on tap, hammocks are the norm and there are such cool hidden gems I can’t wait to share with you in both Tulum and Holbox.

Kin Toh sunset over the jungle Tulum

Make sure you don’t miss my next blog post where I will be telling you all my favourite spots from my holiday!


Steffy x


14th-19th of August 2018

With Steffy White / White Light Yoga Retreats

Set in the midst of summer, with natural abundance, bohemian decor and tropical flair, the word VIBRANT came to mind when curating this little piece of magic. Our incredible finca located up in the hills was the inspiration for this very special, and uniquely beautiful retreat. VIBRANTLY ALIVE!

It’s not only our skin that can feel dull or our digestion sluggish but sometimes, things just feel a little uninspired. This retreat is to get you feeling excited about life again, about all the possibilities, about yoga, about your journey and the vibrance that life has on offer. If only we are open and ready to see it. Sometimes a change of scene, healthy food, juicy invigorating yoga and a community is all we need to move from dull to vibrant again.

To find out more, head to our MALLORCA retreat tab by clicking HERE!

 I hope you can make it!

Love, Steffy x