September 9th

 10am @ London Fields

Find me with a bunch of balloons on the grass near the Lido

This class isn’t about me at all. When my friend Stef lost her brother Rene to suicide at the start of the year, I didn’t know how to help but all I knew is that I wanted to so much. If there is one really positive thing about social media, it is that we have the ability to reach so many people. So with the following that I have grown on social over the past few years, I want to raise awareness, and I mean really raise awareness and money for the causes that matter to me. And this matters to me so much. To see Stef and her family have to go through the pain and suffering of losing their brother and son, is unbearable, I want to do everything to help incredible charities like CALM lower the number of suicides in this country and support families affected. This shouldn’t have to happen. Please join me on the 9th of September at 10am in London fields for a juicy, liberating and invigorating yoga class. Beginners, teachers, young, old, let’s get together and celebrate this opportunity of togetherness, of moving and breathing and doing it all for a cause that really could save lives! Please donate what you can and join me for a brilliant yoga class under blue skies (we hope) Bring your mat, we are going to have lots of fun! I will be just to the side of the lido, with a bunch of balloons…sign up and donate what you can HERE! – (You must donate to attend the class)

A letter from Stef…

When I think of my brother Rene there is a special memory that comes to my mind. He was 15 and I was 23 and we were outside lying on the grass sharing headphones and listening to the “Distant Relatives” album. He told me I’d love a particular song, and he was right. We lay there in the sun singing along together for hours and I felt his presence as naturally and closely as an extension of my own limbs

I go to my parents’ house now and I look at that overgrown, forlorn patch of garden where we lay and my heart is split into a thousand pieces as I question how so much love couldn’t save his life.
In January my brother took his own life at only 22 after depression quickly spiralled out of control and isolated him from human connection and the things which brought him joy.

There are things and events which can drive people to desperation, but depression makes problems feel insurmountable and pushes people away from you. I believe it wasn’t sadness which killed my brother, it was crippling shame. The irony is that I couldn’t have been more proud of him. Not for the achievements he had (though there were too many to count) but because of the human being that he intrinsically was – loving, kind, courageous; always insightful and fair. The guilt I feel is immeasurable. I question repeatedly why I didn’t try harder, push harder past his blank responses of “I’m fine” or “I’m just tired” , but love cannot read minds and the signs – though they may be there – can often be misunderstood.

My message for those suffering or feeling suicidal is this: You may feel you are in total darkness right now and you cannot endure any more pain. However one of the most beautiful things about life is that it is transitional and the way you feel today may not be the way you feel tomorrow or in a month’s time. Please try one more conversation or one more phone call. It can bring candlelight to your darkness until the light starts to enter again. I know it’s hard to believe that there are people that can help you or you may even feel that your loved ones are better off without you. Depression lies to you. Please try and remember what it feels like when your sister hugs you. Remember your mother’s voice when she tells you she loves you or the sound your friend roars when you make them laugh. Remember the smell of grass and the sound of the sea and the blossoms appearing in Spring. Cherish those thoughts and hold tight onto them, however small they might seem now. Asking for help and support is far stronger than bottling feelings inside and trying to deal with them alone to save face. The shame you feel is because Depression has misled you about so many things. Let people that love you in to dispel those myths. I’m understanding it’s the most painful and insurmountable of times which gives us the opportunity to learn the most and build resilience.

I would give anything to bring Rene back. There is no money or beauty in the world that can restore the value of him being in my life and my world is a darker and emptier place without him. I’m trying to take my own advice and keep going by talking, writing, listening and allowing myself to feel (with the hope of better, lighter days). I cry every day but I carry on because life is short and – really – it is precious. And because I know he’d have wanted me to.

I carry your heart always Rene (I carry it in my heart).

Please donate what you can below, thank you!

I have been very lucky to have incredible teachers along this path, with the biggest shout out to my first teachers Jamie and Dulce (The Yoga People)  One of the things that Yoga has taught me so far is that our world is a mirror to what we are putting out there.  Shining light on the parts we like to keep in the dark.  It is often so hard, unbelievably hard to go there and wake up to the realities of how we are living, it is much easier to stay in denial and keep choosing the same old choices.  It is highly likely that by doing that we will get through life just fine, but what will we have learnt this time round?  VERY LITTLE.  And how much will we have grown?  VERY LITTLE.  And this is what makes me so sad.  I don’t want to continue making the same crappy numb choices. I want to LIVE, presently, with passion, compassion and purpose.  When we wake up in a bad mood, treat our lover like crap, moan and groan about the day ahead, that then spirals into one of those “shitty days” where everything goes wrong!!!  Is it any wonder!?!  Have you ever noticed that when you are in a bad mood and a bit bitchy, that the whole world feels like it has turned round and been a bit bitchy to you??  Have you noticed that when you bump into someone on the tube or scowl, everyone bumps into you, you drop your phone, smash your screen and get the wrong order?  Yes!  Because you are what you give out.  Have you noticed that when you smile, everyone smiles back at you?  So what really inspired me to write this little post, is, just please, I want you to ask yourself why you are saying what you are saying and choosing what you are choosing.  Do you want to continue to go round in a circle of a bad karma shit storm?  Or do you want to beam light and feel light beam back at you?  Of course everyone has bad days, moody days, knackered days, we are not all Mother Theresa I understand.  But you can make small choices everyday to help you turn things round and stop being the victim of your life.   Life does not happen to you, you create your life.  You really do get what you give, so, put amazing things out there, be kind, and when you are not kind, ask yourself WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM?    Allowing those dark parts to be accepted, loved and integrated so they don’t come out and bite ours and the person beside us’s butts all time!  Love to you, be kind and have courage.  Steffy xxx

It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are. I am so grateful to get to witness so many people’s courage on a daily basis. Honestly, I leave my classes thinking, I am so honoured to get to be in a space with so much love, unfolding, curiosity, play, investigation and JOY. And it’s not always easy, in fact it’s very often not easy to start the journey, but the fact is, you have. And THAT is amazing. Sometimes it’s a shock to the system for me when I step out somewhere like oxford street and see the huge unconscious, head down, angry face, rush rush rush culture because in my classes, we are undoing all of that, people really are waking up. You might say I am in a bubble but I know there is a huge shift happening and we are a part of that, don’t think your work is going unfelt. IT IS FELT! My day is centred around helping people, being creative, uplifting others and of course doing my own personal work and development. I see the most beautiful parts of this human existence, the vulnerability, the openness, and you know what, it teaches me this every single day….We are all the same, strip us down, we honestly are connected, just parts of one another, trying to find our way back home. I am so lucky to get to be on this journey with you. Goosebumps. Feelings of truth and connection and being centred truly in my purpose. Thanks for the opportunity💫 GRATEFUL HEART



25TH May 7-8.30pm

100 De Beauvoir Rd, Unit 5, London N1 4EN

Join me this May for an elemental fusion flow.  This class is for those of you who LOVE to move and breathe, who like creative sequencing and who aren’t afraid of trying something new.  I am going to lead you through a 90 minute mandala style vinyasa, we will create heat, sweat, and big audible breath.  Mandala vinyasa is my personal favourite style to practice so I am really, really excited to share this with you.  We will be circling the mat 360′ degrees to start, with creative style sun salutes introducing the elements.  Mandala vinyasa is so wonderful as all levels can practice beside one another.  There is loads of ways to take the pose further for those of you who may be advanced and for people with less experience, modifications and resting is always welcome.   Basically, just get ready to play and move in some of the most creative and beautiful breath led flows you can imagine. Whoooo I can’t wait already!  Ps we always end with Yin – YAY!  Space is limited.

Tickets are £20 per person

To book email me at:

(payment must be made on the day of booking, tickets can not be held)


This is one of those mega pinch me moments in life. I cannot believe that I have been chosen to team up with one of my favourite jewellery brands, PANDORA.  I have created some content that I am incredibly proud of in collaboration with the launch of their new ESSENCE collection.  As I mentioned over on my Instagram, the ESSENCE collection is all about highlighting your personal values, and staying true to you.  There are so many lovely symbolic charms and of course the charm that resonated with me the most was the balance charm.  Maintaining balance for me is vital for my health and happiness so it is such a beautiful reminder to wear around my wrist.  I love how the ESSENCE collection encourages you to wear jewellery that has meaning, it is a celebration of who you are.  The content that I have created for the collection is all about how I create and maintain balance in my life through my yoga practice.  Guys, I am so excited for you to see it.  You can find my beautiful BALANCE charm here and POSITIVITY charm here.

PANDORA organized for us to stay at the amazing Limewood house in the New forest where we did all the filming of the videos for the campaign.  I had been facilitating one of my White Light Yoga retreats in Norfolk the days before so I came straight from 4 days of retreat world and was whisked into complete and utter pampering.  Think pedicures, hampers of incredible gifts, breakfast in bed and traveling in ranger rover convoys.  Yep lets just say PANDORA know how to do it!!!  We even had our own private pianist who belted out some Beyonce covers, if you know me, you’ll know that seriously made me happy!  The room for dinner was so gorgeous, we sipped on pink champagne among twinkling candles and bouquets of flowers.

The beautiful table setting at dinner

I am in really great company with this project and it is such an honour to work with such inspiring and successful women.  Other faces you might recognize in the campaign are Zanna Van Dijik, Clean eating Alice and Annie Clarke (Mind Body Bowl) each girl is representing their own personal values and expertise.

I think this is such a lovely project because it is celebrating women for their individual strengths and rituals and so it feels really authentic.  It has such meaning and depth behind it and that is what makes me feel really proud to be a part of it.

When England shines, there is no better place you could hope to be than the New Forest,  so in between the photo shoot and filming you could find me here, daydreaming into blue skies!   

I had an incredible night sleep in my insane bedroom at Limewood house and woke up to breakfast in bed.  Although we were only there for a night, PANDORA really showed us a seriously good time.

A snap from my photo shoot for the ESSENCE collection 

Before we knew it, it was time to convoy back to London. Annie and I picked lots of lovely vegan dishes to fuel up on before we left.  They were so YUM!

Thanks for having me PANDORA!


Steffy x

Images by Alex Daniels