Vegan grub on the go – Tesco’s Wicked kitchen

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Tesco reached out to me about their new Wicked Kitchen range, which they have created in partnership with Derek Sarno. They’re leading the way compared to other supermarkets with the new Wicked Kitchen range, trying to make plant-based meals more accessible.

I gave up eating meat when I was about 8/9 years old and have been vegan for over two years now. So I truly can say it makes me so happy to see that going meat free has become so much more mainstream. I remember the days of going to a restaurant and having to eat fries and a side of greens for my meal, honestly rewind 10 years ago and there was nothing inspiring happening in the vegan/veggie world, well it certainly wasn’t mainstream. Rewind five years ago and vegan meant you were crazy. And look at today, it’s amazing to see places like Tesco bringing out Wicked Kitchen a vegan friendly range for when you are on the go.

Wicked kitchen is a colourful range of vegan salads, ready meals, sandwiches and wraps and is easy to pick up and go whatever you’re up to. They’re creative recipes aim to show how delicious plant based meals can be. I tried the Moroccan inspired bowl, the Rainbow Curry bowl and the Kung Fu bowl, which was a tofu and rice noodles salad. The curry one was my fave, as it was tasty and had a whole host of ingredients I like, including lentils, chickpeas and bombay style sweet potatoes, with a mint raita style dressing. If you haven’t had time to make lunch at home, it’s so great to know that there are vegan friendly options out there, that are affordable, tasty, accessible and most importantly right in the mass market. Where everyone can find them.

If you haven’t heard of Derek Sarno before, he has pioneering approach and a plant pushing philosophy. He is now the Director of Plant based innovation at Tesco. A great step in the right direction for the brand and making plant based food options more mainstream.

I am a big believer in cooking fresh at home but in these busy times when we can’t always be prepared, we don’t need to feel like there aren’t vegan friendly meals ready to pick up and go. It makes my heart so happy that veggies are becoming cool and people are starting to realise that there is more to delicious food than meat and fish. Whoooo! Times are changing people!

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