What to do in HOLBOX!

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Arriving into Holbox is like arriving to the most colourful, vibrant, laid back land ever.  Think big bowl like glasses full to the brim with the best Margarita of your life, golf buggys to drive around the island in, colourful shops with dream catchers everywhere and lots of bright murals on the walls. Landing in Holbox was fun, fun, fun!  With barely any cars on the street, and only a small portion of the island inhabited, getting a golf buggy to roam around in is a MUST and it is absolutely hilarious!

We spent our days in Holbox lying in the hammocks that are sprinkled across the island.  Some hammocks are even out in the sea, and honestly, chilling in one of those is the best, most glorious thing!

Another must for getting around Holbox is to hire a bicycle, there are bike rentals dotted all over the island and it is a great way to explore and get off the beaten track.  When we arrived in Holbox there had been a storm so a lot of the roads were flooded.  It doesn’t sound great but honestly it added to the fun of being on a bike and trying to get to the deserted beaches.  It was like being on safari, you weren’t sure how deep your bike was going to go down into the puddles, we were in soggy, wet marsh lands, we had a great time!  Like any tricky journey, what lay at the end of our hard work was so rewarding!  Basically, what was revealed to us were private beaches with crystal clear water, hammocks, no seaweed, no noise pollution, totally untouched beauty!

The options are of course not quite as lengthy as Tulum when it comes to vegan places, however there are still some great spots to eat!  My favourite was Luuma, you can’t book but be warned you may have to wait for a table, I promise it is worth it!  It is gorgeous.  Luuma means Mother Earth in Mayan and the veggie plates there are so beautiful!  The atmosphere is lovely and it is all twinkly with fairy lights.

Holbox has a funky vibe and attracts a really laid back crowd.  So although there are great restaurants and bars, things do close up quite early, most nights we were in bed by 11pm.  It is Island life at it’s best!  If you do want to have a few fun late night drinks, find your way over to Hotcorner, it is always busy and does great cocktails.

One of my favourite things I did whilst in Holbox was going to visit the Animal rescue.  It is amazing the work they are doing there.  Setting up orphaned and unloved animals with loving families who want to adopt them.  When you are in Holbox go by and you can take some dogs out for a walk or even a racoon!


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