Why choose a White Light Yoga retreat?!

Toasting marshmallows on the bonfire and sharing our dreams and fears.  Candy floss skies filled with pinks and swirly blues with only the sound of the birds to sing us to sleep.  Afternoons laughing on the boating lake, bikini clad girl gang.  Yoga in the morning and evening.  Creative workshops that brought us together.  A yoga retreat that was so much more than a yoga retreat.  Welcome to the White Light Yoga TRIBE.  Welcome to creative magic!

It has been a dream of mine to facilitate my own yoga retreats all around the world.  I have been teaching on retreats for three years now, from India to Ibiza and have gained so much experience as well as beautiful memories.

Over the last 3 years I have been offered work on a lot of retreats, A LOT, but, I always felt there was something more that I could bring to the retreat world that I didn’t feel was there.  And that is why White Light Yoga Retreats was born.  I started the business in August 2016 knowing I could offer yoga retreats that were so much more than your average.

My intention for White Light Yoga Retreats is to facilitate a healing space for people to connect with themselves and the natural world.  Through unique workshops we want to prioritise creativity and play and through the grounding yoga practices heal and liberate.

It is really important for me to plant the initial seed of the retreat and work from the ground up.  From the first vision all the way to the details of organising, the yoga, the team, the venue, the theme, the wholeheartedness of the retreat, it has to come from an idea planted by me, and it is the most incredible thing to see it all come to life.

  My retreats have felt so much more intimate than any other I have experienced even though I sometimes have 20 yogis with me.  I think that starts from the fact that from the very first email it is me you are speaking to, right through to the very emotional hug goodbye.  My yogis in Norfolk were totally blown away that I knew every single one of their full names, and yes there was 20 of them!

I want people to experience joy again, and sometimes when we are so stuck in our heads with work and worry it can be really hard.  I hand pick a very special team of healers to come on my retreats with me to offer their expertise and healing.  Through the yoga, the workshops, the massages, the great outdoors, open hearts and good listening, nourishing food, lots of laughter and openness, I believe that White Light Yoga Retreats do just that.  We give you the tools and space to connect back to you and that creative soul and playful quality we all have within us again!  And my god it feels so good!

Join me at a White Light Yoga retreat soon!

Love you,

Steffy x