My story

15232343_1328343250530979_6920113721346125812_nThis picture is so freaky I love it. I am glad I stepped into yoga when I did. It was such a confusing and sad time in my life when I took the leap and entered my first yoga class. But even though I found it so hard and didn’t know what was going on half the time, I always left in peace and with a strong connection to just, being alive. Gradually as I went more and more I felt less lost and more content and grounded. I would have seen pictures like this and never have known the space I would move into if I had never committed to practicing. I was really really unfit 5 years ago. Like, really. I am not saying it for you. It is the truth. I hadn’t done anything other than shop, socialise and work for my adult life, so finding my body again, and taking care of it, and learning from it, IS and has been the most humbling and awe inspiring journey. When I found my body, I could move beyond the body and feel a connection I had never experienced before. I was a little chubby around the waist back then and hellishly inflexible in the mind and body. Over time, it has changed. I hope I can inspire you to make space for yoga and meditation and to move into your body and then beyond. You might just find a real sense of contentment in there where shopping, socialising and working are not your whole life, just a very small aspect of your life. And that is what happened to me. I have purpose now. I always did, I just was so cut off from myself. Now I am a little less flakey and a lot more fluid. Make sense? Not planning this, just felt inspired to keep. On. writing.  Have a great week friends, do more of what you love and what REALLY makes you FEEL GOOD