The Magic of Yin

The Magic of Yin – 24th November 2016

6.30-8pm at Reva Yoga


Yin has become one of my favourite things in life.  I used to go from a fast pace of life to a fast paced yoga class to get my daily zen.  But really, it was just a quickie and didn’t really give me the space I so desperately needed to find.  Now a days, even in my yang practices I am finding a much slower grace about the way I move, feel and enquire and it so much more juicy!!!!

Join me on the 24th of November 6.30 – 8pm at the stunning Reeva Yoga, just a step away from Broadway market for 90 mins of the good stuff.  I am going to take you through a deep and restoring yin session to really air out the cobwebs and leave you feeling light and expansive, letting go of heavy energy and clutter that you no longer need to carry around with you.  I am so excited, lets marinade in the sweet sauce that is yin!

Email me to book!