Life off the mat

Life off the mat is pretty rich❤️ Yoga is wonderful, it’s a BIG part of my life and I treasure my practice greatly. I try to live kindly on AND off the mat, in every sense of the word. However, yoga is not my WHOLE life, I love dancing, and drinking sometimes, I eat what I fancy and love watching bake off. My closest friends do not practice yoga or spend every morning in the gym. I live a balanced life. I love deeply and care immensely and THAT is my yoga. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are or what we are not,we miss all the fun of just living! Life is so precious, don’t confine yourself to rules and judgements. Live fully, love fully, and don’t get stuck practicing your handstand all day, everyday, because when you master it, it might be awesome, but it won’t change your life, nor will it make you happy forever. Your connection to yourself, your surroundings, your friends, nature, oneness! That might make you happy forever. And that is a practice I am dedicated to.