Hey guys! My name is Steffy, I am originally from Scotland and I am a yoga teacher based in London, I host and teach yoga retreats all around the world🌍 and one of my biggest loves in life is to travel, I went to live in Rio by myself aged 18 and taught ballet and beach volleyball. I film yoga online and I am the face of Useful Yoga on youtube and have just set up my own company @whitelightyoga ⭐️ I am now a proud @lululemonuk ambassador and have had the opportunity to work with some awesome brands including setting up yoga for @sohohouse I have had amazing opportunities working closely with and teaching @deliciouslyella @madeleine_shaw_ @hemsleyhemsley and @lilyjamesofficial ✨ Before I was a yoga teacher, I used to work as an actress and was on the CBBC show Dani’s house for a good few years but gave up acting when I realised it was making me very insecure😔 l believe in the power of yoga and I want it to be accessible and available for everyone🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I trained in India in ashtanga vinyasa, rocket, mandala flow, vinyasa and yin yoga. I often swear too much and I am inclined to have a few too many glasses of wine at the weekend🍾🍾🍾 (almost every weekend atm) I am obsessed with Beyonce and can sing her album word for word and analyse it like a shakespeare sonnet🤓 I have been vegetarian for many years and turned full vegan at the end of last year only to slip up and have a few too many bites of cheese here and there but I try to do what I can✌🏽️ Yoga has changed my life in more ways than one and all I really want to do is get more people to classes, teach great classes, facilitate beautiful retreats, have children practicing meditation from a young age to help them through school and most of all, I want to help people FEEL GOOD🙌🏻 and to believe in themselves. This is the vision of @whitelightyoga and I can’t wait to see you in class soon💘💜💖💘💜💖💘💜💖 What about you?👋🏽