No screens

|| N O S C R E E N S || in the bedroom. This is something I still have to be pulled up on ALOT, my boyfriend will tell you. I have made a a conscious decision to cut screen time from the bedroom completely. Yes that means, laptops, iPads, TVs and PHONES are out. Doesn’t matter who they belong to or what exciting email has just landed in the inbox. They are not allowed. And God it is hard and God I get caught out. But it is SO worth it. Waking up and Going to sleep are such fundamental parts to how you feel and progress in your day. If the first thing you do is grab your phone in the morning scroll through Instagram not only is it bad for your mind and eyes but on a subconscious level you are dulling your day. The first hour of the day is the most important, it sets you up, “The power hour” I like to call it. This hour should be set aside for meditation, focusing, prioritising, writing, reading, cuddling and loving but certainly not staring at a screen. Same for when you go to sleep, get that phone away from your bed, it takes time for the mind to relax. Keep your room as a special little haven made for you. A relaxation den. A snuggle corner. A little retreat, to read and love and relax. Keep your office out of your bedroom and see the hours in the day double.